Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Download Flappy Bird - Android/iOS

Download Flappy Bird For Android & iOS

With the latest news about the creator of the hit game 'Flappy Bird' pulling the game from the app stores, we anticipated that people would be devastated that they could not get their Flappy Bird fix. 

So what did we do? 

We made backups of the game!

That's right, we have data files for both Flappy Bird Android and iOS versions.

How to download Flappy Bird & install it

Android Version:

  1. Download Flappy Bird via the download button at the bottom of this page
  2. Open up the zip file that contains the Flappy Bird APK file
  3. Connect your android device to your PC/Laptop
  4. Drag the .apk file onto your Android device
  5. Find the file on your Android device using the file manager
  6. Click on the file and follow the instructions to install
iOS Version:

As it is a little harder for some people to install 3rd party games on iOS devices, we have built an installer:

    1. Download the Flappy Bird installer via the download button at the bottom of this page and run it
    2. Connect your iOS device to your PC/Laptop
    3. Click on the connect button
    4. Once connected, click the install button
    5. Disconnect your device and enjoy the game

    Download Flappy Bird

    For Android

    For iOS